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: Canada, Ontario
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I work in a retail store and I have an elderly customer who is exceedingly kind, caring and witty but incredibly lonely. He visits the store at least a few times a week, whether he needs to actually purchase anything or not. He is a retired Police Officer who lost his wife a few years back. He shared his interests in limerick and poetry writing with me and as a progressing writer, I was excited to have someone to talk with at work that treated me more than just a shop girl. When my Dad passed away, he gave me an old book of limericks and challenged me to write some of my own. He always asks me about my writing and how I am doing and he always has a story to tell regardless of my response. He cooks for his "elderly" neighbours as he calls them (I think they are in their 90's) and is always ready to give in any way possible. Recently I found out that a group of friends of his once adopted a python from the zoo and would throw birthday parties for it. He also mentioned that Rhinos are his favorite animals and he loves to read about them. I would like to adopt a Rhino from the WWF for him, as they have a package that come with a stuffed animal and official adoption papers. I don't have the extra money to do this but I think it would make him feel special.

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  • Maggie
    Dear Mara,

    I am so excited about this. Thank you again and Thank you to Together Rising for creating such amazing opportunities.

    Thank you so much. He is so kind and caring but very lonely. I am hoping this will make his holiday a little more cheerful! Thank you again
  • Mara Bertelsen
    Maggie, this is a beautiful idea. I would love to adopt the rhino for your friend. I am sending you an email :-)