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I am reaching out to ask for help with gifts for my two children, ages 10 & 16. I have been unemployed since July & was searching for a new job but my job search has been put on hold due to my 81-year-old father getting sick in August. He has COPD & ended up with pneumonia due to aspiration. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and due to the continued danger of aspirating food he had a feeding tube put in. He was able to recuperate some at a rehab facility & is now back at his house. He lives alone & I live just a few houses away which has been a blessing. We are hoping he continues to recover but it is a challenge taking care of him & taking of my children. It's the emotional stress that is getting to me. I do not have much support and even looking for a new job feels overwhelming. My father has been able to help with my finances but I am worried about Christmas. My daughter is a Junior& is having a good school year & is juggling a high academic course load, a job at a restaurant &another fellowship/job, plus being involved in the theater program at her school. I would like to get her something to help her relax & de-stress, maybe candles & a shower/bath set, lotion, etc. My son is in 5th grade & a Target gift card is good.

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  • Sherri
    Thank you so much Theresa. I appreciate it and will be in touch soon.
  • Theresa
    Hi Sherri,

    Having trouble with the contact link. Please email me at treewiggins@yahoo.com!
  • Theresa
    (a follow up to my earlier post) we would love to get gifts for both of your kids!
  • Theresa
    My family would love to help your family this year! xo