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I have a great 16 year old who’s had a rough year but still manages to shine. She’s an amazing student, involved in a ton of theater and service projects for her school, and takes college courses in addition to her high school classes. At the top of Christmas her list is a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We are a family of 7 with a very modest budget due to me being in nursing school full time and my husband having to afford most of our family’s needs on his own right now. This means the aquarium, which is pretty pricey to get into, is off our list right now. I’d love to see this wish come true for her.

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  • Apologies, I am new to this and didn’t close my request the correct way. Sarah HD and her family have agreed to fully fund this request, which is amazing. Many thanks to everyone who offered, and a BIG thanks to Sarah for providing such a generous gift! Happy Holidays to you all!
  • Dani B.
    This wish has been supported. Many, many thanks to all who offered help. On behalf of my family, I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season!
  • Jennifer
    Hi Danielle!!! We’re not far from the aquarium and know what a joy it can be. We’d love to help you visit. Happy to chip in :)
  • CVS
    I think I was third in line! How wonderful. :) I'll check back in a couple of hours. If your listing is still available, I'll be in touch. I hope your daughter's wish comes true.
  • CVS
    I got you. I'm going to email you and figure out how we can make this happen.
  • Janet Freer
    I am from Annapolis and would love to fund your daughter's trip to the National Aquarium! I, too, would love to see her wish come
    true. Thank-you! Janet
  • Sarah HD
    I’d like to support you! Sending direct message now...