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Last year my family of 6 was practically homeless for a year living crammed in an add-on bedroom off a family members house after losing EVERYTHING from living in a black mold infested rental. For the last 6 months we've been in a small apartment, thankfully, but with the high costs of living we dont have extra money to go towards anything for the Holidays. I have 4 daughters (14,11,7,5) and $100 Walmart gift card to go towards christmas decorations for our apartment and small gifts for them would mean the world to them and help make their Christmas more magical. Thank you!

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  • Brittany Mitchell
    Melissa, Thank you sooo much!! ❤❤❤
  • Melissa
    Hi Brittany, I can help, too. Please send your info @ mrs.soeltz@hotmail.com
  • Brittany Mitchell
    Patrice P. Thank you! My kids will be so thrilled. ❤
  • Brittany Mitchell
    Shannon G. Thank you!! This brought me to tears this morning. Im so thrilled to tell my kids. ❤
  • Shannon G.
    Hi Brittany, I would like to send you a $50 Walmart gift card for Christmas decorations. I'm sorry you lost your things to black mold. That must have been so sad. I hope these new decorations will help you create happy new memories in your new home. I'll contact you to get started. In sisterhood, Shannon G.
  • Patrice P
    Hi Brittany! I would be honored to help out your family this year!