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Our family is struggling this year. Our 13 year old son was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. It is very rare in children. He is constantly dizzy and off balance. So this means many appointments at specialists and therapy and missing work. Also our 14 year old granddaughter with bi polar moved in with us. Needless to say our resources are stretched thin. Any help we could get to give our family any kind of a holiday would be very appreciated.
Gift cards for groceries or gifts for the 3 kids would be very helpful. Thanks so much.

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  • Thanks so much Emily, Stacy and Aubyn. Your kindness is amazing. I can not thank you enough. Gift cards to Weiss markets, Redners market or Walmart would be great or the kids all need clothes. Boys are kids L pants, xl shirts, men’s size m pants l shirts. My granddaughter is 14 and wears a size 20 pants 3x shirts.
  • Emily Meier
    Christina, I would be more than happy to send you gift cards - please let me know which stores you prefer.

  • Stacy P
    Hi Christina,

    I would love to help! I will send you an email.
  • Aubyn
    Hi Christina,
    I'd love to help make the holidays better for you!