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Hi, My name is Penny and I'm a married momma of five. My husband and I have been together for 13 years and we have honestly struggled financially for most of that time. Having a family this size combined with living in a small town with little job opportunities has been rough. We have tried both working but had trouble affording good daycare, my husband has tried a variety of different jobs but we are always just barely scraping by. So we made the tough decision 2 years ago to have him go to college full time and ideally obtain a career that could both support and sustain us and our family. I am happy to say that he graduated with his Associates degree this last spring, but he is now attending a University out of town with the goal of completing the bachelors program there and being able to jump into a high pay bracket in Graphic Design upon graduating. Christmas is tough while he does this and can be very stressful as far as trying to get a gift or two for each child. While we always put an emphasis on Christmas being about family and being together, it is hard when faced with the possibility of not being able to at least get them something to open on Christmas Day. Any help is so appreciated and someday in the near future we plan to be able to pay that love forward.

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  • Penny
    Thank you Samantha ♡ my email is lovebot0315@gmail.com. I appreciate your kindness so much.
  • Thank you Nancy, Stacy P and Samantha. It means the world to us. My heart is so full.
  • Penny Parrish
    Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. Any and all help is so appreciated.
  • Samantha
    It looks like this one was taken before my comment was completed! I can still send a gift card to contribute!
  • Samantha
    Hi Penny!

    I would love to help and can fulfill your request completely. I can email you to get more details if that is easiest. I just want to get more information about what is needed so I know how to help best. Stay strong Mama you are doing great!
  • Stacy P
    Hi Penny, I would also like to contribute a gift card so that you can buy gifts for your kids.
  • Nancy
    Hi Penny,
    I am happy to send you a gift card so that you can buy gifts for your kids. I just sent you an email. Love and blessings...
  • Nancy
    Hi Penni,
    I am happy to send you a gift card so that you can buy gifts for your kids.