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Hello. I’m reaching out to see if anyone would be willing to send cards/letters/pictures to me
I’m a healthcare worker, a social worker to be exact and I work in a nursing home where some of our most vulnerable fall to COVID. I’m spending days FaceTime calling loved ones to say goodbye and it breaks my heart and takes it toll. I’m also just trying to help our seniors stay connected to their loved ones who can’t visit right now and ease their fears and isolation
I’m weary and tired but also inspired by the teamwork and empathy I’m seeing around me with me coworkers.
I’m a single mom, I work full time and also in graduate school. My son is 13, I feel torn everyday as I leave him to work and so I go to work and then spend evenings trying to be “normal “ with him. I’m grateful I can be of help the residents and families I feel like I’m doing meaningful work.
My request was just to ask if somehow I could connect with your group to see if people would be willing to do together letters right now to me? I’d love if my mailbox was flooded with cards, notes, drawings to lift my spirit and reenergize me. My address is
Michele Kathleen
37637 Five Mile Rd. #232
Livonia, MI 48154

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  • Hi Marilyn that was a P.O. Box I used and they stopped it. If you email me at michelekhorvath@gmail.com I’ll give you my address.
  • Hi Marilyn that was a P.O. Box I used and they stopped it. If you email me at michelekhorvath@gmail.com I’ll give you my address.
  • Marilyn Fried
    I sent you a letter via snail mail but it was returned to me unopened. I used the address listed above. Is everything okay? How are you doing?
    Hugs to you. ❤️
  • Lori
    It takes a very special person to do the work you do. You are a champ! The residents and families are lucky to have you there. I’m sorry this is such a challenging time. Thank you for the work you are doing and for being there so people to have a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. Please be sure to take good care of yourself too! You matter and I am so glad you posted this.
  • Sam
    Wow, you are a true Love Warrior for yourself. I am in awe! I would love to write to you!
  • Gale
    Hi there- I worked in a retirement home for a while and now I'm an EMT and I understand how you feel- I'd be so happy to send you a letter if you're comfortable providing a mailing address! Astubblefield048@gmail.com
  • Caroline Levy
    Dear Michele
    In your darkest times, please know you are a beacon of light and example for so many. The loving care and compassion you are showing every day to your patients, means everything to them and to their families. Your work is beyond valuable, and your son, if he isn’t already, will always be so proud of his Mom when he looks back on this bleak period. Please love yourself with the same compassion with which you love others. I hope you get a long period of blissful rest, sometime in the very near future.
    Lots of love
  • Bunny Goldsmith
    Hi Michele, I applaud you for the very important and heartbreaking work you are doing. I’m so sorry about how painful every day must be for you and those you help. I’m also very thankful for you. I know you make such a difference in each and every person you help to say goodbye. This pandemic has been tragic for so many and extremely difficult for those taking care of the sick. My thoughts are with, and I want to thank you for all you are doing for others, who really need you. Know that you are cared about and that this too shall pass.
    Thank you, Bunny
  • Kalene Holman
    Hi, fellow Michigander!!

    I just discovered this page and have read through some posts, but yours speaks to me. I have been wanting to do more lately to help ease the pain i feel for others during this time.

    I just made some salt ornaments that I was planning on sending to healthcare workers I know and I would love to send you one! I will be sending two, one for you and one for you to share as well :)

    I can only imagine what it must be like for you right now, and because you are already in Social work, I know your heart feels it all and bleeds for everyone around you! I hope you can still find 5 min (or more) in a day to focus on you and give yourself some self-care and love.

    Thinking of you from not so far away!
  • Thank you so much for your encouragement and reminding me what a great job I’m doing. Enjoy your day and thank you again for reach out. ❤️
  • London Mum
    Dear Michele
    What a warrior woman you are! Single mum and doing such physically and emotionally demanding work; especially in these insanely crisis filled times. I have enormous respect for you and hope that you can feel how vital your work is and feel encouraged and proud. My challenges (home schooling two energetic busy boys) pale into insignificance when I consider you're connecting families to enable them to say virtual farewells to elderly loved ones, as you continue the patient, exhausting, nursing and care of these older people. Good on you for realising what might lift your mood a bit and what could help you and for being a woman who asks for help. Not many of us have learned that essential skill ! I hope you are deluged with loving messages and mail. And even when in future there may be days without external messages of support and love in your mailbox, I hope you can hold onto the Knowledge inside you that you are a superb Human who is making a hell of a difference to so many families. Awesome.
  • Chris
    Hi Michele-
    I also worked with the elderly at an all inclusive program at a senior center and in their homes in the social work dept. Since I left there I decided I had to have my daily fix of seniors, so I work with an elderly woman in her home. Bravo to you for your dedication, especially at this tough time! I hope it helps to know that others cheer you on even from afar! What you do is so important to their quality of life.
    It's always hard to balance work and children, I also did it on my own for 13 years. Your son is seeing your dedication to both him and those you work with. Our example inspires them , which you will see as he gets older.
    You go girl!!
  • Ginger
    Hi Michelle, I too am a social worker and have been for over 20 years. I started my career in a nursing home; and right now, YOU are my hero. Thank you for all the meaningful and hard work you are doing to support the residents and their families and also all the meaningful and handwork you are doing to support your own family. Your work matters and your kindness is making a true difference to those you are helping. Please take care of you. You are appreciated. I hope to send a snail mail letter soon.
  • Jacque
    Hey! I saw your post. I love that you asked for what you needed and that you are surrounded by such a loving community who cares for you! All
    Of the good you do will keep finding you. You will be known to the family members you talk to as the angel he let them FaceTime with their dying family member. You’ll Always have so so many angels are surrounding you with all the people that you help I know.
  • Ann Riley
    Hi Michele,

    I just wrote you a snail-mail letter, which is the best kind!!!! You are amazing!

  • MONA E
    I, too, am a social worker, but not on the front line like you. I know your heart and can understand your fear. You do the hard things for those that cannot or will not or don’t even understand it all. You keep going with courage and love. When the dust settles you will be inevitably more exhausted but your light will shiner brighter for your efforts! Stay safe!
  • Staci Sharkey
    Sending out tomorrow!
  • Jeanette
    Just wrote out a letter to you...will go into the mail in the morning. Sending you love 'n hugs right now!
  • Yes, mhorvat6@emich.edu
    The mail is not going to my work so there’s no problem sending it. But, I appreciate the email!
  • Iki
    Do you have email? I don't think i can send cards for you this far. I'm in Phil. And if your homes are in lockdown, it's also difficult to send it by snail mail
  • Thank you so very much ❤️
  • Deb Parker
    I will be writing this very day...