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My best friend, C., has battled debilitating health issues for the past 5-6 years, and out of privacy I will be general, but chronic pain and debilitating neurological symptoms have led her to face increasing isolation in recent years, unable to participate in most things that brought joy to her life. She is lucky to have a supportive partner, but still the daily unpredictability and anxiety take a toll on them both. She already has so much to worry about, and now is extra stressed, being already health-compromised and also having an extremely huge heart that feels for all people.
This will be a surprise to her to receive reminders of love and encouragement. Big thank you to whoever you are!!

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  • Jacey Kinnaird
    Would love to send her a card!
  • Hillary Roos
    Could you send her address to please? I’m an artist and would love to send her a watercolor or sketch as well!
  • Hillary Roos
    Could you send her address to please? I’m an artist and would love to send her a watercolor or sketch as well!
  • Nan
    Please address!
  • Christina
    Hi! I would love to contact your friend and send some encouragement via email. Could you let me know how I can do so by writing me at Thank you!
  • Nanette
    Hello Friend,
    I am deeply sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time. The pandemic must feel oddly like more of the same.
    I have an autoimmune disease that has left me mostly bedridden for the past 10 years. It has been so difficult to watch the world pass by. I have missed many important celebrations! The most difficult was my son's graduation from College. It's interesting that everyone is missing things now. When it was just me, I felt completely isolated. You must feel that way, too. One of the hardest things is that no one understands.
    I have a supportive partner but she has no idea what I am going through. I hope it is better for you.
    I don't go out at all. I hope you are able to stay inside as much as possible. There are too many people out there who aren't taking precautions.
    If you would like an email friend, write me at:

    Take care, friend! I am sending you a hug and lots of love.
  • Christina
    Could you please send an address to I would love to encourage her! Thank you.
  • Kate
    Will you send her address to me at Sending love!
  • Kim
    Hang in there sister.... we got you!