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I’m requesting mail (letters, card, postcard, children’s colored pictures, etc) to be sent to my Grandmother Frances to let her know people are thinking of her and to help keep her connected to the world around her (outside her nursing home).
She has dementia and other medical needs; precautions for Covid19 do not allowed her to have visitors & she is not allowed out of her home in an effort to keep her and her fellow residents safe. I understand why, but she really doesn’t. It is very isolating for her at present. If you have time and a stamp I would love if you would consider sending her some mail... say hello, share a joke or story about what is going on in your part of the world.
Thank you!

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  • leanne
    I would like to send a letter! please email Leanne(at)leannevogel(dot)com with address ❤️
  • Amanda
    If you email me her address I will send her some 'art' and a letter from my 7 month old - amandabethklein@gmail.com
  • I’d enjoy sending a letter or card to your grandma! My email address is pstuckey27@gmail.com. Please let me know where to send to and I’ll gladly get something in the mail to her soon!
  • Lori
    Your grandma is lucky to have you! I have been impressed by the creativity of people outside of nursing homes holding up signs. I think it’s great that you are requesting cards and notes for her. I’d also ask an elementary school teacher to have kids make cards or drawings for the residents too. Maybe they could even call and talk to a resident or get paired up to check on them via phone during this pandemic. I have seen really so many great ideas on goodnewsnetwork.org. I will send a card if you get me the address. shadow1144@aol.com
  • Becca
    Hey Jill!
    I have wonderful summer stories to tell, and I can draw some flowers on your grandmother's card as well! If you'd send her address to rebeccalucero1@gmail.com, I'll make sure to send something bright to her!
  • Angie Barrett
    I would be happy to send a note to your mother. I lost my mom to Alzheimers 19 years ago but the memory of the joy she had when people sent notes, letters, or any communication is still fresh in my mind. I would be honored to communicate with Frances.
  • Linda B. Churchill
    I would like to send a note to your grandmother. Mostly about me and my dog, Lucy. I work in wellness, I am a yoga instructor and i the ten years since my mom passed that is where I have been doing my healing and sending my healing vibes.
  • julie
    Would love to send a card to your Grandmother Frances, Jill. You can send her address to juliesowecke@yahoo.com. Thank you and what a wonderful granddaughter you are!
  • Hi! I’d love to send your grandmother a letter. Can you send me her address? Melissa@yancy.org
  • Nan
    Please let us know where to send!
  • We would love to send card! trishaladd@gmail.com
  • Jess
    Please let me know where to send the card.
  • Grace
    I would love to send a card to your Grandmother. Please let me know what address to send a card to. outofiowa79@gmail.com
  • Grace
    I would love to send a card to your Grandmother. Please let me know what address to send a card to. outofiowa79@gmail.com
  • Patti Kennedy
    Hi Jill

    I would love to write to your grandmother .
    I lost mine 4 years ago - she was my buddy.
    If I can help Frances be a tiny bit less lonely -
    I’d love to !

    Patti Kennedy
    How can I get her address?
  • Fabiana
    Dear Jill, please let me know hiw I can send a card to your mom. Sending love
  • Cindy R
    I'll write her and am emailing for her address etc
  • Monica :)
    Hello. I’d love to write to Frances. Can you please provide her info. Thank you.
  • Colleen O’Connell
    I’d love to send a note - please let me know where to send it. Thank you!
    I would be delighted to send your Grandma a card. Please tell me how.
  • Martha
    I will.
  • Jill
    If you are willing to send a letter, please click “contact Jill” ( under letters to grandma) and I will send you here name and address. I am uncomfortable with putting her contact information online for anyone to access. Thank you for understanding. I hope everyone is holding steady.
  • Maggy
    Could you post an address ?
  • Mary
    I’d love to. Can you post an address and first name?