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I’m requesting mail (letters, card, postcard, children’s colored pictures, etc) to be sent to my Grandmother Frances to let her know people are thinking of her and to help keep her connected to the world around her (outside her nursing home).
She has dementia and other medical needs; precautions for Covid19 do not allowed her to have visitors & she is not allowed out of her home in an effort to keep her and her fellow residents safe. I understand why, but she really doesn’t. It is very isolating for her at present. If you have time and a stamp I would love if you would consider sending her some mail... say hello, share a joke or story about what is going on in your part of the world.
Thank you!

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  • Martha
    I will.
  • Jill
    If you are willing to send a letter, please click “contact Jill” ( under letters to grandma) and I will send you here name and address. I am uncomfortable with putting her contact information online for anyone to access. Thank you for understanding. I hope everyone is holding steady.
  • Maggy
    Could you post an address ?
  • Mary
    I’d love to. Can you post an address and first name?