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Hannah is a dear friend of mine who is going through a harder time in her life right now. When you meet Hannah you just want to smile and you immediately feel happy. She has bold purple hair, she beams with this amazing light, and she has this contagious positive attitude. She is always eager to help those around her but never asks for help herself.

Hannah is a full-time mother of two kids, her family has been hit with some struggles (both health and personal relationships), and she is working toward completing her bachelor degree this December. On top of this Hannah also struggles with depression and anxiety.

Hannah's birthday is this month and I would love her to be showered with the love and encouragement that she deserves. This community is amazing and I think Hannah would benefit from being wrapped in the warm hug that all of you offer each person you take the time to reach out to. Thank you for touching the lives that you do.

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  • Hannah
    I hope I'm not too late, but I just had to wish a happy birthday to this beautiful human that shares my name! I relate to you, sweet other Hannah. Always wanting to help, keeping your head above water when your anxiety and depression pull you down. I know your heart, and I feel these same pains. But know that I am so proud of you :)
    You are enough, your efforts are never wasted, and the love that pours out of you is felt by this world, so please never stop <3
    Happy birthday! And may you find peace and understanding through this difficult time.

    (Please feel free to email this to her!)
  • Danielle
    I'd be happy to send mail to this special person! Please email me the address:
  • Jen
    I would love to write a letter to Hannah. She sounds like an amazing person! I'd love to send words of encouragement.
    Could you please email me her address?
    I can be reached at
    Thank you!!
  • Wishing your friend Hannah all the best. This month was my younger brothers birthday as well, he was a very talented person, and Hannah it sounds like you are all heart, here is hoping to fill your generous heart with well wishes and love for your Birthday.
  • Jess
    Please let me know where to send the letter!
  • Kelli Silverstein
    I would be honored to write to her. My email is if you could send her address. I live in San Diego, nearly everyone in my family has passed on and I would love to share some sunshine and loving compassion!


    Kelli Silverstein
  • Carrena
    This is the first time I've been on this site. I love the idea. And I love to write and send letters/cards in the mail.
    I'm on it.
  • Mary
    Card in the mail tomorrow!
  • Mary
    Card in the mail tomorrow!
  • Mary
    Card in the mail tomorrow!
  • Corrie Jackson
    Hi Alicia, I would love to send Hannah a card. I’m on the case!
  • Corrie Jackson
    Hi Alicia, I would love to send Hannah a card. I’m on the case!
  • Alicia - Original Poster
    Hannah's Birthday is June 21st. She told her husband that she is postponing her birthday celebration this year so he can have Father's day all to himself :) Another selfless act from this amazing woman!

    Hannah's Address
    246 Sunstone Ct
    Logan, Utah 84321