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I want to send words of encouragement to my 87 yo Dad. He lost his wife 2 years ago and is living alone and terribly lonely. I am immunocompromised so I am unable to see him due to COVID-19. I have set up homemaking and PCA services for him so someone has eyes on him a few times a week. I know he’d appreciate any words of support at this time. If you could take the time to send, a card or note to say hi, I know he’d be over joyed.

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  • Danielle
    If you email me the address, I have a postcard ready to send! danikrause23@gmail.com
  • Emily
    I would love to send a card- please send his address to emilyccolter@gmail.com
  • Stephanie
    Would love to send a card. Stephanie.bakazan@gmail.con
  • Jane Marie
    Hi Jennifer - Happy to send your father a card. Please email me his address at jinmoli@gmail.com.
  • Kristie
    Hi Jennifer - so sorry it’s been such a hard, impossible year. I’d love to send you both a card. My email is kmdico@aol.com. Xoxo Kristie
  • Julie B
    Hi Jennifer,
    I would love to write to your dad. Please send me his address at mackjb33@gmail.com
  • Karen
    I can empathize. I live far from my aging father and it is so hard to not be able to be with him this holiday season. I would love to send your dad a card. You can email his address to me at kmsmits@yahoo.com
  • Sarah H
    Hello, I'd love to send your Dad a card. Please send his address to sarahjhennen@gmail.com.
  • Carissa
    I'd love to participate! Please send me his address: Carissa.karban@gmail.com
  • Kristie
    Hi, would love to send your dad a card. Please emaul address to kawvt22@ymail.com. ❤️
  • Kimberly
    We'd love to send a card too! Please email me his address @ kimberlydawn0908@yahoo.com
    My dad is 83 with Alzheimer's and no longer remembers who I am. In honor of all the terrific dads out there, mine included, let's show your dad some love!
  • Sarah
    Hi Jennifer! I'd love to send a note to your dad! Send me his address? schattin@gmail.com
  • Amy
    Hello Jennifer and Jennifer’s Dad,

    It stinks not being able to see each other and many others during this scary time. It does get very lonely losing those you love and it is very easy to just isolate and want the world to go away.

    I don’t know why but you two have inspired me and have helped me pick my chin up a bit. I don’t know how this works or if you can reply but I would love to hear a funny memory from you. If you can’t reply to me then please share one with each other.

    Thank you so much,
  • Ann
    Hi Jennifer,

    Please email me at ravineandwillow@gmail.com and I’d be happy to send a card to both you and your dad if you’d like to give me your address. That’s totally cool if you only want to send your dads, it’s just that I’m also immune compromised and I know how tricky this time is for people in that boat! Any little bit of happy is welcomed!