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Dear Together Rising family,

I have a request to send good vibes and thoughts of healing for a dear friend. She has had a trying year, as many of us have had. She has had more doctors appointments in the past 6 months than most people have in a lifetime. She will soon undergo surgery this month and could use some extra support with kind words and encouragement. She is never one to be down but this year has been a difficult one. If you could spare a moment to help lift her spirits, we would appreciate it! She has sponsored multiple families during the holidays through Together Rising with holiday hands, bought others Untamed book copies who could not afford one, and supported this movement and work more than anyone I know. It would be fitting to give back to her!

Thank you on behalf of her longtime college friends, MW3

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  • Danielle
    I'm happy to mail a card if you'd like to send me her address:
  • Sarah H
    Hello, I'd love to send a card. Please email me the address at
  • Carissa
    I'd love to send a card! Please email me
  • Barbara
    Hi Kate!
    If you send me, a Stage 4 cancer survivor your friend’s snail mail address I would love to send her a note.

  • Ann
    Hi Kate,

    Please email me at and I’d be happy to send a card!
  • Iris
    Would love to send a holiday card!!
  • Linda
    Send me her info and I'll be in touch.
  • Diane
    Hi there!

    I would love to send some encouragement to your friend!

    My e-mail is:
  • Keri
    Sent an email!
  • Lori
    My office would love to support her with cards, please send her address to me at: