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We are fully remote learning right now, and my 8 year old is having a very hard time with it. Not being able to see family has also been very hard for her! If anyone is willing to send a Christmas card that an 8 year old would enjoy, I know she would love it! Thank you so much!

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  • Danielle
    Hang in there! I have a postcard waiting for you if you'd like to send me your address.
  • Karen Eriksen
    For quite a few years I sponsored third graders (8 year olds) with their "Flat Stanley" projects. Perhaps your child's teacher can involve the class in reading about "Flat Stanley" and possibly initiate the project within the class. Many/most schools participate in the reading of Flat Stanley at the third grade level. It is a wonderful way for children to boost their reading skills, sharpen their communication skills, and enjoy using their imagination as they learn their geograpy and of various cultures - all in a fun and exciting manner. It is very rewarding on so many levels for children to get involved in the Flat Stanley project. The best part for the student(s) is that it does feel like (school) work.
    I would be more than happy to send a Flat Stanley response to the school in care of your child. (Did I mention, receiving Flat Stanley responses is an esteem builder)
    You may contact me at:
  • Emily
    I would love to send a card to your sweet girl. This isolation is tough, big time. Feel free to send your address to
  • Kristie
    Hi Jamie - I have a 5 year old and feel
    you guys.. we’d love to send a card! Please email
    me your address at Xoxo Kristie
  • Sonya
    Hi Jamie,
    I nanny for 2nd grade twins who are also doing fully remote learning and would love to send a letter!
    Could you please share your address?
    you can email me at

  • Hi Jamie,
    This is such a hard time for our children. We would love to send a Christmas card. Please send your information to
  • Karen
    Merry Christmas to you and your daughter! I would love to send a card. Please email me your address at
  • Lisa M
    Hi Jamie,
    I'm a 3rd grade teacher and 8-year-olds are some of my favorite people! I'm teaching 24 of them virtually right now and would love to include your daughter in the cards I'm going to be sending them all for the holidays. My email is
  • Jamie
    Thank you so much everyone!! I believe I have emailed everyone that has emailed me. Addy is loving all the cards!!!
  • Tanya B
    I would love to have myself and my son, who is also learning virtually and struggling, be able to send a card that might cheer her up! Please send an address to my email,!
  • Cindy R
    Jamie, i'd love to send a cheery Christmas card to your daughter and will email you for your address.
  • Kimberly
    I'm in! Please send me your address as well. We ALL need more cheer this year. My email is
  • Kara
    We would love to send her a card. My 9 and 11 year old girls would love to have a pen pal. email your daughter's name and address to please
  • Ann
    Hi Jamie,

    Please email me at and I’d be happy to send you and your daughter a card.
  • Ann
    Hi Jamie,

    Please email me at and I’d be happy to send you and your daughter a card.
  • Iris
    I have an 8 y/o who is also virtual. Would love to have my 8y/o send yours a card!
  • Jo
    I’m in Australia. Would love to send a card from Down Under.
  • Susan
    Would like to send a note!
  • Jamie
    Eliza thank you so much! I emailed you!
  • Eliza
    My ten year old and I would love to send a card! My email is
  • Jamie
    Diane I emailed you!! Thank you!
  • Diane
    I'd LOVE to send a note for your girl. My e-mail is:
  • Jamie
    May, I sent you an email!! Thank you
  • May
    Hey! My 8 year old twins would like to send a card over! Mail me your address
    Best wishes!
  • Jamie
    Linda thank you so much. I sent you an email!
  • Linda
    Hi Jamie!

    I've got the cards, you have the daughter : 0 )
    I could also read her a Christmas story on Zoom if you think she'd like that.
  • Jamie
    Amber thank you so much. I have emailed you!
  • Amber
    Hi Jamie! I'd love to send your daughter a Christmas card.