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Navigating a situation the kids and I don't deserve. Doing it with as much grace as I have in me. Running low on grace. Fill me up, please, to keep me going. I deserve it. My kids deserve it. Anyone fighting for something worth fighting for knows my efforts are worth it for the greater human good, I'm just running out of my fuel.

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  • Danielle
    Hang in there! I have a postcard waiting for you if you'd like to send me your address.
  • Jennifer
    Karen and Julie. THANK YOU!!!! This all gets more interesting every day. I'll make it, but I really appreciate the notes of encouragement. I got a "Together Letter" yesterday that read "You are a straight up GIFT to Humanity." And I needed a bit of encouragement exactly at that moment. I'm very grateful for everyone who is supporting me through my journey. THANK YOU!
  • Julie B
    Hi Jennifer,
    You are not alone. I am sending you loving kindness. Please send me your email at
    I'd love to write to you.
  • Karen
    Sending positive thoughts and strength. Would love to send you a card. Please email me your address at
  • Support
    Kristina, Sarah and Ann -
    Your notes come at such a crucial moment. I can barely sleep tonight because I'm awaiting such big news that is SEVEN months overdue, but I'm told will come tomorrow. I want to think I know what the news will be, but it's so frustrating and stressful to wait a year and a half for it, and definitely the past 7 months during which it's been overdue. I will make it and I'm so grateful to have your support to help push me along just a bit closer to (hopefully!) the good news.

  • Kristina Zaccaria
    You are stronger than you know. Would be honored to send you a note. Please email me at
  • Sarah
    Hi Jennifer,

    I'd love to send you a note!

    Sarah :-)
  • Ann
    Hi Jennifer,

    Please email me at and I’d be happy to send a card.