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Holiday Hands

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Thank you dinner

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I am a single mother with a beautiful 15 month old daughter. I was working as a home health attendant before COVID hit and then my world changed overnight. The daycare my daughter attended closed and I had no one to watch her so I had to quit my job. I moved in with my extended family so we could pool our resources. My room is also a bit bigger so my daughter has room to crawl and walk and play which makes my heart sing. I aspire to be a nurse someday. I know I would be good at it as I really care about the elderly folks that I have worked with. It would be wonderful to have a new coat, hat, and gloves for my daughter as she loves to walk outside and it makes us both feel better. It would also be wonderful to be able to buy groceries for a special Christmas dinner to show my thanks to my cousins for letting me stay with them until we can figure out the future. I dream of making red and black tamales and a huge turkey to show them my gratitude.