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8,000 refugees evacuated from Ukraine by our partner, Estonian Refugee Council

Photo Credit: Estonian Refugee Council

How has our partner, Estonian Refugee Council, evacuated more than 8,000 people from Ukraine and delivered emergency, multi-purpose cash assistance to 4,200 households?

Your support.

ERC’s response to the attacks on Ukraine has been extremely comprehensive, meeting the most urgent needs of families and children in both Estonia and Ukraine.

For weeks, ERC coordinated as many as twelve buses of evacuees per day. In total, they have helped more than 8,000 people escape to Estonia through a program that was at risk of ceasing without your support, bringing thousands of parents and children to safety.

In Estonia, ERC is on the frontlines filling gap after gap. They are helping families and children receive the mental health support they need to cope with this unconscionable devastation, working with both a counseling hotline and counseling center in Tallinn.

Photo Credit: Estonian Refugee Council

Due to increasing need, ERC is also launching a large-scale counseling program that will help families adjust socially and emotionally. They will focus on areas where families most need support: employment, children and schools, culture shock, and mental health.

In addition to counseling, ERC is working to help families secure long-term housing.

In Ukraine, ERC has supplied multi-purpose cash assistance to 4,200 households in Eastern Ukraine. Their reach has been impressive, spanning across eight areas: Kyivska, Luhanska, Mykolaivska, Zaporizka, Donetska, Chernihivska, Sumska, and Kharkivska.

In addition to providing direct support to families, they have also supplied local hospitals with critical food, medicine, medical supplies, generators, and equipment. They have delivered 900 blankets to bomb shelters in Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv.

As the needs skyrocket, ERC will scale up to meet the increased demand. At present, ERC has sixteen team members on the ground.

We are so deeply grateful to the ERC team, as well as to everyone who has donated or shared to support our Ukraine response, resulting in our $2,194,617.38 investment across ten partner organizations.

These families and children are receiving the support they desperately need—because of you.

Thank you.