Family Reunification

We distributed every penny we received through these campaigns: $8,590,998.37

Child Detention Love Flash Mob (6/23/2019):

– $2 Million raised in 2 days. 

– $2,632,558.79 raised in 7 days. 

Family Reunification Love Flash Mob (5/29/2018):

– $1 Million raised in 9 hours.

– $4,620,047.60 total raised. An estimated 76,168 people contributed.

Together Rising deployed $2,700,000 to activate an emergency response and long-term legal accountability for the child detention crisis:

Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis, $900,000.00 on 7/5/19 & National Center for Youth Law, $900,000.00 on 7/8/19

You sent $900,000 to Holly Cooper and her incredible team at the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis Law, and another $900,000 to Neha Desai and her fierce advocates at The National Center for Youth Law – both of whom, as attorneys of record in the crucial FLORES settlement have the unique ability to access any detention facility in the nation. 
These two brilliant, courageous women devote their lives to rescuing and defending these children. What they have already done with such little funding is astonishing. With your dollars, their reach and impact will be magnified exponentially: to travel to detention centers to inspect and investigate abuse, interview the children, remove them to protect their health and safety, and build legal cases to demand these atrocities end. In the week we funded them, these warriors won an order on their legal demand for emergency relief for children detained in Texas. Since then, all children have been removed from the notorious for-profit Homestead detainment center in Florida, against which Cooper’s team had filed suit.  Funding the work of these seasoned attorneys of record in the FLORES settlement is incredibly vital right now, as the FLORES-mandated protections for children are under new attack. 

Justice In Motion, $800,000.00 on 7/16/19

You sent $800,000 to Justice in Motion. Thousands of detained children are alone – meaning their families and their documentation proving their identities are often thousands of miles away, which presents a huge obstacle for their release from detention. Your money to Justice in Motion will help solve this by building up their system to obtain documents and records for detained children both in U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Office of Refugee Resettlement custody, and by mobilizing a Defender Network to locate and access the parents of detained children to help get the kids released faster. Your support will increase their ability to file civil rights lawsuits on behalf of children who were detained illegally.

Immigration Defenders Law Center, $100,000.00 on 7/29/19

You sent $100,000 to ImmDef. With your support, they will be able to file individual habeas petitions in federal court when children are held for more than 72 hours in detention at the border in violation of the FLORES settlement. Your support will create systemic change in the treatment of detained children by enabling ImmDef to monitor conditions in detention centers and to publicize information about the treatment by filing cases when children’s rights are violated.

In addition to the $2,700,000.00 distributed to help detained children, you deployed another $850,000.00, raised this summer, to continue vital work on behalf of separated and asylum-seeking families. 

Immigration Defenders Law Center, $100,000.00 on 7/29/19

To help unaccompanied children at the border by preparing them to present their petitions for asylum and accompanying them when they present to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Al Otro Lado, $200,000.00 on 7/29/19

You sent $200,000 to Al Otro Lado to increase their ability to identify particularly vulnerable children entering the US detention system, marshal volunteers to assist them at the border and effectuate litigation on these children’s behalf.

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) , $350,000.00 on 7/29/19

You sent $350,000 to KIND to protect vulnerable unaccompanied children, preserve access to justice, strengthen local capacity and supportive policies to ensure children’s wellbeing, and advance the development of regional so solutions that respect children’s rights and safety. With your funds, KIND will monitor treatment and conditions for unaccompanied children seeking access to Mexico and the United States, as well as Mexican and U.S. compliance with international and domestic legal obligations, advocate for children’s rights and best interests and for Mexican migration policy that is consistent with human rights, and strengthen regional protection options and capacity, including Mexico’s asylum system.

Safe Passage, $200,000.00 on 7/29/19

You sent $200,000.00 to Safe Passage Project to take on 60 new children as clients over the next 6 months. These children have been detained in horrible conditions at the border, many after being separated from their families. Your money to Safe Passage Project ensures that each child will have a dedicated attorney, as well as receive social work services to help with health care, school issues and mental health challenges, and a 1-2 year commitment to stand with them.

Together Rising distributed the following funds to reunify and advocate for separated families:

Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, $487,000.00 on 5/31/18

To fund the work of a team of four lawyers and three legal assistants, responsible for representing every child in the Arizona detainment center and every one of their parents, to establish and maintain contact between child and parent, reunification of families, and safety and rehabilitation of each child.

Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, $315,000.00 on 5/31/18

To cover the costs of a lawyer and social worker who will be operating around the country and on the border to provide advocacy and healing to unaccompanied, detained children.

Safe Passage, $125,000.00 on 6/18/18

To provide a lawyer and part time paralegal for a legal advocacy organization for unrepresented children facing deportation. As children form lines in front of the courthouse, stepping in to face deportation hearings alone, these advocates step in to ensure that they are represented.

KIND, $200,000.00 on 6/18/18

To fund a new staff lawyer expert in child protection law to support the pro bono lawyers, a new social services coordinator and 33 pro bono training presentations to train more volunteer attorneys to represent children and reunify them with their families.

Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), $344,787.69 on 6/22/18

To provide family reunification for 2,000 families by funding a new Family Reunification Supervising Attorney, Family Reunification Staff Attorney, and Family Reunification Legal Assistant.

To pay for two children’s staff attorneys who will provide full legal representation for 100 unaccompanied children who have been released from detention, along with other associated costs.

Safe Passage, $125,000.00 on 7/2/18

Provide representation to fifty unaccompanied immigrant children who have been relocated to New York from the border, and are not with their parents. 

Al Otro Lado, $500,000.00 on 7/2/18

To develop a screening and referral system throughout Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to identify parents who have been deported without their children and to refer them to attorneys to work on reunification and representation of the child in the U.S.

To hire two attorneys and two paralegals to help with reunification and to represent families who have been separated.

To hire a staff member to work with separated families in Los Angeles to coordinate mental health, medical, and other social services required by parents and children as a result of the trauma of separation.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, $309,000.00 on 7/2/18

To provide bond funds for all immigrant parents and guardians in detention in Washington State whose children were taken from them at the border. The bond funds will allow the detained parents to be removed from detention pending the completion of their asylum claims and immigration proceedings.

Immigrant Defenders Law Center, $500,000.00 on 7/5/18

To represent all separated parents from Southern California local detention facilities and facilitate reunification with their children.

To locate and provide representation to the parents of the nearly 70 separated children who are already their clients.

To provide social services and resources to reunited families required as a result of the trauma of separation. 

Texas Civil Rights Project, $270,00.00 on 7/9/18

To hire a six-month visiting attorney and a new mid-level attorney, as well as fund a program director and paralegal position to advocate and reunify separated families.

To fund the costs of bilingual private investigators, translators, and travel required in connection with the advocacy and reunification efforts.

KIND, $133,600.00 on 8/20/18

To hire a full-time attorney, a case management professional, and a social worker to help reunited families connect with mental health, medical, housing and other resources — as well as vital trauma recovery services.

Al Otro Lado, $285,000.00 on 8/22/18

To hire a full-time Director of Family Reunification and a paralegal.

For travel expenses for parents who need to travel back to the US to pick up a detained child.

For mental health costs and reintegration services for reunified families.

For Indigenous language interpreters to communicate with deported parents and detained children and to speed up reunification with their children.

Immigrant Defenders Law Center, $336,980.00 on 8/28/18

For the Family Unity Project to hire an additional full-time staff attorney for two years to maximize attorney time focused on detained parents who unknowingly signed away their rights to be reunified with their children and a full-time Program Associate to assist with Community Defense efforts.

Justice in Motion, $250,000.00 on 10/12/18

To locate parents deported without their children, advocate for their reunification wishes, and handle the legalities & logistics of bringing families back together, doubling the Defender Network — a group of 40 organizations and law firms across Central America who:

Travel throughout Central America to locate and make initial contact with the deported parents deemed by the administration “ineligible” for reunification with their children.

Obtain signatures, documents, and coordinate travel and other activities to reunite parents with their children; and connect parents to U.S. lawyers to facilitate reunification.

Justice in Motion, $55,000.00 on 11/30/18

To continue work detailed above.

Al Otro Lado, $150,000.00 on 3/5/19

For support, advocacy, and reunification of separated families.

Other Expenses, $8,679.91 on 3/11/19 – 3/27/19

For 13 families after crossing the Border with Together Rising on March 2 in order to be reunited with the children who were taken from them, were re-detained for 42 days. These funds went to pay for food for the 13 families while they were detained as well as pay for them to be able to make phone calls to their children and advocates. Additionally, these funds were for immediate physical needs for families who were immediately reunified after March 2 crossing.

Al Otro Lado, $225,000.00 on 4/12/19

For advocacy of reunified families, as well as support of sponsor families caring for newly reunified families as they await asylum proceedings.

Aldea – The People’s Justice Center, $80,000.00 on 12/30/19

To hire a Litigation and Detention Programs advocate to further their litigation efforts to ensure more children receive counsel, and to support additional litigation to ensure children have access to courts and the legal protections afforded to them by law.  

Al Otro Lado, $120,750.00 on 12/30/19

For financial assistance for 27 reunified refugee families during the wait for Employment Authorization Documents, and infrastructure improvements for Al Otro Lado to enable more effective and efficient advocacy efforts. 

Al Otro Lado, $20,000.00 on 1/16/20

To provide the necessary financial resources to prepare for and bring 6 families unlawfully deported to Guatemala and separated from their children back to the United States to begin the court-approved reunification process.

Al Otro Lado, $200,200.77 on 1/28/20

For financial assistance and mental health services for the 6 new reunified families, to hire an attorney in San Diego to help with detained representation, and to hire a new staff member to coordinate training of pro bono attorneys to represent separated and detained families.

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This Sunday, please take a moment to watch what you have done. It’s working. Our families are being reunited. YOU DID THIS.This morning at 5:00 AM, in some hotel in the middle of Boston for soccer camp, I couldn’t sleep so I rolled over Abby and grabbed my phone from the night stand. I opened my email and found an update from one of our partners, Jorge Baron from Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.I expected the email to be full of the usual: More obstacles for our separated families, more trauma, more pain. It wasn’t any of that. It was hope.It was Jorge, writing in the middle of the night to tell us that OUR LOVE IS FINALLY WORKING. THAT THE TIDE IS TURNING. Specifically, he was writing to tell us that our funds have secured the release of ten parents as of yesterday.Yolany Padilla – who fled violence in Honduras to seek legal asylum in the U.S. — is one of them. Her six-year-old son, Jelsin, was taken from her by ICE two months ago. YESTERDAY, YOUR FUNDS SECURED JELSIN’S RETURN TO YOLANY’S ARMS.Yolany said, “It’s difficult to explain how I feel because this moment is so big. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him, just imagine how I feel….It was like my heart was going to leap out of my body.”I love that Yolany used her statement to ask America to be brave and compassionate enough to imagine. To imagine how it feels to be her. How it feels to be her son.You did that. You dared to do what many refuse to do. You are people who dared to imagine how it would feel to have your baby taken from your arms. To not know where he is or if you’ll ever see him again. You dared to imagine and that imagining broke your heart.And then: You USED that heartbreak. You didn’t waste it. You used your heartbreak as fuel and you gave. When you gave to Together Rising, you transformed heartbreak into action. YOUR HEARTBREAK REUNITED YOLANY AND JELSIN.This is how it’s done. Imagining. Letting your heartbreak. Allowing your heartbreak, your anger, you hope to transform into action. This is how it’s done. This is how Love Wins.YOU PROVIDED BAIL BOND FUNDS FOR EVERY SINGLE IMMIGRANT PARENT IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON WHOSE CHILDREN WERE TAKEN AT THE BORDER. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Your funds allow the detained parents to be removed from detention pending the completion of their asylum claims and immigration proceedings, which gives the parents a much better opportunity to reunify with the children — and have children removed from detention — while their cases are pending, which can take up to one year.We told you we won’t quit until every mother and father has their child back. We’re getting closer. 100% of what we receive from your tax-deductible donations goes to advocacy and reunification of the separated families: you, thank you, for being on Team Love. We will win.Love, Fury and Relentless Hope,G, Sister, Liz, Allison and the rest of the Together Rising Team

Posted by Together Rising on Sunday, July 15, 2018


Yesterday was the Administration’s court-ordered deadline to reunify the families it forcibly separated at the…

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Your Dollars on the Ground Reuniting Families

You – through Together Rising – have now established the FAMILY UNITY PROJECT at IMMDEF to prevent the deportation of parents without their children and to reunite separated families.You reunited Hermelindo with his son.Hermelindo was set to be deported in 3 days without his 6-year-old son. But then you stepped in. You stopped his deportation. You reunited this family. You are funding full advocacy for them through the conclusion of their asylum cases.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Posted by Together Rising on Thursday, August 2, 2018


What You are Doing to Reunite Families

There is no such thing as other people's children. With you — because of you — we will not rest.Because of your radical love, to date Together Rising has deployed $3,931,367.69 for advocacy and reunification of families separated at the border. We are writing with an update on your work, including your most recent giving for separated families – which has been focused on parents deported without their children the administration took from them. HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW:• More than 400 parents were deported from the US – but the Administration is still holding their children in ORR custody. • Additional parents have been deported, and their children have been released from ORR custody to other people. • Many parents unknowingly signed away their rights to seek asylum without understanding that they would be deported without their children. • Many parents were told that self-deporting was the only way they would ever see their children again – only to find their children are still being held in the U.S. HERE’S WHAT YOU ARE DOING ABOUT IT:DOUBLING THE DEFENDER NETWORK – currently, a group of 40 organizations and law firms across Central America who:• Travel throughout Central America to locate and make initial contact with the deported parents deemed by the administration “ineligible” for reunification with their children. • Obtain signatures, documents, and coordinate travel and other activities to reunite them their children; and connect parents to U.S. lawyers to facilitate reunification. BUILDING OUT THE FAMILY UNITY PROJECT WE ESTABLISHED AT IMMDEF: • Hiring an additional Full-Time Staff Attorney for 2-years to maximize attorney time focused on detained parents who unknowingly signed away their rights to be reunified with their children. • Hiring a full-time Program Associate to assist with Community Defense efforts. (An example of Community Defense: When the Administration threatened to deport Hermelindo without his 6-year old son (whom the administration had separated from him 2 months prior), the Family Unity Project organized more than 40 community members and media to accompany Hermelindo and his lawyer to his ICE check-in. This Community Defense effort prevented Hermelindo from being detained and permanently separated from his son. They reunited the family just days later. ) EMERGENCY SUPPORT FOR DEPORTED ASYLUM SEEKERS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER:• A number of parents self-deported without having an opportunity to present their asylum cases — because they thought that was the only way to see their children again – and now are in immediate danger of death (and still separated from their children)• One father, since being deported back to his home country, is being actively stalked by the people who intend to harm him. Your funds are moving him to a neighboring country for safety while attorneys work on his asylum claims• A mother is hiding from immediate danger in El Salvador, and you are funding her travel to a safer location. HIRING PROFESSIONALS TO SERVE SEPARATED FAMILIES, INCLUDING:• Full time Director of Family Reunification as well as a paralegal at Al Otro Lado • Full time attorney as well as a case management professional at KIND • Social worker to help reunited families connect with mental health, medical, housing and other resources — as well as vital trauma recovery services FUNDING DIRECT COSTS OF ADVOCACY:• Travel expenses for parents who need to travel back to the US to pick up a detained child• Mental health costs and reintegration services for reunified families • Indigenous language interpreters (The vast majority of deported parents are in Guatemala, clients are up to 30% indigenous language speakers with no ability to communicate in Spanish or English.) These interpreters make it possible to communicate with deported parents and detained children and to speed up reunification with their children. Love and Fury and We’re Just Getting Started,G & Together Rising

Posted by Together Rising on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Together Rising exists to turn our collective heartbreak into effective action. So–for the forcible tearing apart of…

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This is the most important story I’ve ever told you.In May, I woke up and read that children as young as eight months…

Posted by Together Rising on Saturday, March 2, 2019

This is Nico. Our government took his son from him months ago. Together Rising, Al Otro Lado, Families Belong Together, and Matthew 25/Mateo 25 SoCal are at the border with Nico this minute, bearing witness, advocating and trying to hold onto hope because so far: Border Patrol has refused to let Nico and the other parents even present their petitions. These families are brave but they are weary and they miss their children. They are afraid for their children. They deserve to hold their babies again.Share.Give. We Belong To Each Other and There is No Such Thing as Other People’s Children. #ReunifyFamilies

Posted by Together Rising on Saturday, March 2, 2019
Together Rising Border Update

8 hours in at the border and our warriors are keeping the faith. Al Otro Lado Families Belong Together Matthew 25/Mateo 25 SoCal ACLU #ReunifyFamilies

Posted by Together Rising on Saturday, March 2, 2019
Together Rising Border – Latest Update!

UPDATE! They are coming in! All the families are coming in!!!! God bless the people of the impossible. #ReunifyFamilies Al Otro Lado Families Belong Together ACLU Matthew 25/Mateo 25 SoCal

Posted by Together Rising on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Please enjoy: 1. The moment I found out about the miracle and 2. Announcement from my warrior SisterThe miracle that is happening RIGHT NOW at the southern border took ALL OF US – it took on the ground warriors like Liz and Sister and Al Otro Lado and it took YOU and me and Allison at home sweating and typing and emailing and praying and giving and hoping. All of us. It took all of us.Alone we can do nothing but OH MY GOD IT IS FREAKING TRUE THAT TOGETHER, WE CAN DO ANYTHING. WE PULLED OFF THE IMPOSSIBLE TODAY. WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.I just sent this to the press:“Together Rising came to the border today to represent the 76,168 givers who pooled their small gifts to fund Al Otro Lado’s heroic mission. We came to stand with the courageous parents -desperate to have their children back in their arms. We came to honor our belief that heartbreak can be transformed into life-saving, world changing action. We came to demand a miracle- and we got one. The fight continues. We will not rest until every one of these families is reunited.”I cannot BELIEVE we get to be on this Earth, right now, doing THIS work together. I just cannot believe it. We are in this for the long haul with these families and will have more to report in the coming days.I love you. I’ll believe in our ability to do the impossible until the day I die. This is one of the best days of my life.In Love, Fury, AND RELENTLESS FREAKING HOPE:G#reunifyfamilies Al Otro Lado Families Belong Together Matthew 25/Mateo 25 SoCal ACLU

Posted by Together Rising on Saturday, March 2, 2019


Together Rising Update – #ReunifyFamilies

Sister and Liz stood at the Border and watched Jose give this interview yesterday. Please watch. Jose is speaking to you.In May, Jose and his wife made the impossible decision to have Jose and their 9 year old son flee violence in Guatemala and seek asylum in the US. They tried. After they were detained authorities told Jose he would be deported and his son would be given up for adoption in the US. Jose begged them to let his son be deported with him. Authorities said no.Jose said that the most painful moments of his life were walking back to his wife in Guatemala preparing to tell her he had lost their boy, the love of her life. It was then that a reporter stopped Jose to ask what was wrong. Jose told this man what had happened-that his boy was gone. Maybe forever.The reporter said this:I know a group of Americans called Together Rising. They are helping families like you. They will help you find your son.I have not stopped thinking about that: A man, at the lowest moment of his life- in the streets of Guatemala – hears good news.You are the good news.You are the people of the impossible.Yesterday, we vowed to Jose that we would stand with him and 28 other families on the Border for as long as it took to make sure he was able to cross over. So he could present his asylum claims and be reunited with his son. Twelve hours into yesterday, Jose crossed over – the last one of the group of families – and one step closer to his greatest wish: giving his baby boy a hug.We will continue to stand for these families until they are reunited with their children.Please donate to Together Rising at 100% of what we receive will go to support, advocacy and reunification. #ReunifyFamilies Al Otro Lado Families Belong Together

Posted by Together Rising on Sunday, March 3, 2019


Reunion of 6-Year-Old with Family After 9 Months

Please watch for an impossible reunion you made possible.After the administration tore thousands of children away their parents, it then deported hundreds of parents without their children.Due to the administration’s failure to maintain records, 90 of these deported parents were impossible to find. They had no cell phones, lived in rural villages and many only spoke rare indigenous languages. Finding these 90 parents — much less reuniting them with their babies –was impossible.But you are the people of the impossible. So, through Together Rising, you funded the warriors at Al Otro Lado and Justice in Motion with $1,090,000 to set up a network of advocates to trek through the mountains to find these parents.THEY FOUND ALL 90.One is J Jesus. He and his precious 6-year old son Ariel came to the US in May to seek asylum due to gang violence. Even though he begged for Ariel to be deported with him, officials tore Ariel from his arms before he was deported.Ariel’s dad, mom and sister were losing hope that they’d ever see him again. Six year old Ariel was held in shelters for months. He hadn't seen his family for 10 months.Until Friday.On Friday, the Together Rising team took Ariel to the airport to await a plane bringing his mother, father and sister back into his arms. Right before his family landed, he looked up at Sister and said, in Spanish, "I don't remember what they are like." She showed him a picture of his family, and he beamed with joy, recognition and relief.He was held in his family's arms just minutes later.Thank you for being the people of the impossible — for making this reunion possible. We will not rest until every family is reunited. 17 parents we crossed with on Saturday are still being detained in terrible conditions. We need help so they can be reunited with their babies.Every Ariel deserves to be in their parents' arms, so please give what you can. 100% of what we receive from your tax-deductible gifts will go to advocate for, support and reunite these families. You can make donations to help reunify families here — you to the incredible Al Otro Lado Justice In MotionFamilies Belong Together Border Kindness for your tireless love & fury for these families.#ReunifyFamilies

Posted by Together Rising on Monday, March 11, 2019


HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP END THE CHILD DETENTION ATROCITIES13,100 children are imprisoned right now in federal…

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When scary things happened on the news, Mister Rogers’ mother would say: “Look for the helpers, son. There are always…

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Two Million Dollars. You raised $2,052,301 in two days for emergency response to, and long-term legal accountability…

Posted by Together Rising on Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Holly Cooper and her warrior team — fierce advocates you are funding through your incredible giving to Together Rising…

Posted by Together Rising on Sunday, June 30, 2019


You – the beloved people of the impossible – are incredible. 45,537 of you beautiful people, over a period of 7 days,…

Posted by Together Rising on Friday, July 5, 2019