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Battle Monument School

Please take seven minutes out of your day to watch this. Then spend another seven minutes showing it to your kids or someone you love.

Show the people you love WHAT YOU DID. Show them WHAT THIS PLACE DID. What the hope and love you share here each day turned INTO. Show them what hope and love ALWAYS turns into:

  1.  Hope and love turn into change.

Just remember- powerlessness is an illusion and despair is a place that people of hope are only allowed to live for a few moments at a time. Feel despair, sit with it, then move away, move on, tune back into the singing. All the chaos and terror is reality- but so is beauty and love and hope. Those are realities, too. We still have the power to decide in which reality we’re going to live.

For just seven minutes, live here.

And then try to IMAGINE what the Monkees and Microsoft are going to pull off together this  fall. We’re going to take this brutiful world by storm. We’re gonna keep lighting up this world with love.