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Miracle Mindy

We first met Mindy in March 2012, when her neighbors reached out to the Monkees to see if we could help their family friends.  Mindy was a beloved mama battling stage 4 bone, lung, and liver cancer. Their much older car was in the shop with desperately needed repairs.  You can read about the first Mindy miracle here.  When the monkees found out Mindy was driving 2 hours to chemotherapy and 2 hours home each week, they decided that fixing a broken car was just not enough. So they came together to raise funds and bought Mindy and her family a 2011 van.

Read about the VAN-TASTIC MOTHER’S DAY FLASH MOB here.  And the Monkee’s amazing response here.

Here are some notes from Mindy in response to your love outpouring for her and her family:

I want you to know how very thankful we are for all of you and what you are doing for our family.  I have been in tears all morning as I’ve made lunches and gotten my older kids out the door. I’m waiting for the little kids to get up and the house is quiet.  I feel peace, gratitude, and hope…  Cancer is very crappy and has taken a lot of things away from us, but it cannot touch the most important things in life like hope, family, love, friendship, peace, faith, prayer, etc.

I don’t have enough thank yous to thank you with today. I wish I could come give each of you a great big hug!!

… I find that our children continue to talk about how just small acts of kindness and giving a little really adds up.  The lessons that have been learned, and the kindness that they have been shown will be a part of them forever.  For that, I am so grateful.

…The other night I was reading a book about hope. The author shared a story about a pioneer family that was crossing the plains. At this point, they did not have any rations left. They were each given 4 oz of flour a day to live on. It was cold and these people were in despair. At one point the mother of this family just sat on a rock. She told her family goodbye, that she hoped they made it salt lake city, that she could go on no longer. As you can imagine her family begged her to get up… She had lost all hope. In a wagon and handcart train, you can’t just stop. Her older daughter told the father to keep going, that she would go get the mother and meet up with them at camp.  On her way to the mother, she pulled off the trail and said a prayer that she would be able to get her mother and help her back on the trail. When this girl was a few feet away from her mother and not knowing what she was going to say to her mother, she came upon a raspberry pie. Remember, no berries, no sugar. This pie appeared out of nowhere. It was her mothers most favorite kind of pie something she hadn’t had in years. Miracles happen then and continue to happen today. Her mom did make it to Salt Lake City to raise her family with a legacy of hope and faith.

Thank you monkees for our raspberry pie! I too will teach my children about miracles, hope, and faith!