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Holiday Hands

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A Christmas blessing for a wonderful mom!

One Spirit | Pine Ridge, SD
This incredible woman has raised 4 boys and a daughter on her own and is now raising a granddaughter. In all the years that I have known her, she has always wanted her children to have the opportunities that she didn't. She wanted them to be able to experience everything that life could offer them; to travel the world, even if it meant that they would have to leave her and the reservation behind.

Two of her boys, the oldest and middle joined the Military last year; one is stationed in Hawaii and the other in Kentucky, and another son who had previously dropped out of school, is going back so that once he graduates, he can join up as well. During the meantime, he enrolled in a program doing home repairs on the reservation. The youngest is still at home and isn't quite sure just yet what he wants to do after he graduates. But whatever it is, she will fully support him.