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Holiday Hands

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A Dining Set for Kimberly M!

City Living NY | Bronx, NY
Kimberly is a college student who has been taking classes remotely as well as settling into her first apartment. She is going to school for medical assisting and has dreams of one day obtaining her bachelor's degree. Kimberly is very diligent in keeping up with all her responsibilities. She strives to keep a positive attitude and always asks for help when she needs it. Kimberly is also a dog mom to a beautiful puppy that she got shortly after moving into her place. Kim hopes to continue to go to school so she can get a great job and create a well-rounded life for herself. With a Holiday Hands gift, Kimberly would like an IKEA gift card so she can order some small, needed furniture pieces for her apartment, such as a table. She hopes by winter her home will feel full and complete.