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Birthday cake for Christmas

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
My daughter is celebrating her first birthday on Christmas day so it is a very special day in our family. My older son, 5, is attending kindergarten remotely in New York City this fall. My daughter is walking and trying to tell us “big stories” although we don’t understand much of them yet. 2020 has been a tough year for us. My husband lost his job in mid-March as he worked in the kitchen of a restaurant. The restaurant called him back but for only 20 hours per week as they are trying to give all of their employees a little bit of work. We don’t have an extra money to celebrate a birthday or Christmas. All of our earnings go towards rent, electricity and keeping our cell phones working so we can stay connected to our families and to my son’s school via Zoom. It would be such a gift to have enough money to buy a birthday cake decorated with Paw Patrol for my daughter. I would love to buy them each a new coat for winter so we can keep playing outside during the pandemic. Finally, a stroller would be more than I could hope for so that I could move around the city better. I am still very scared of the subway and buses but I never mind walking!