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Holiday Hands

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Christmas toys for all the kids in the family!

City Living NY | Brooklyn, NY
Tamarangely is a 21-year-old devoted mom of 3, who is always in need of toys, clothing, food and diapers for her little ones. As Christmas rolls around each year it becomes increasingly difficult to supply her children with essentials, let alone buy gifts to have wrapped underneath the tree.

Her middle son has been newly diagnosed with developmental delays, and would really benefit from sensory toys such as; a weighted blanket, books and tactile, interactive toys. Her daughter loves Minnie Mouse and dolls and would love to have something pink to open up, as it's her favorite color. Baby Rafael could use as many diapers as is possible, as he is constantly running low.

Tamarangely would appreciate any contribution to helping her day to day life be a bit more manageable, as well as helping her kids have a magical Christmas.