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Holiday Hands

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Christmas wrapped in warm fleece blanks

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I have always tried to be an advocate for my children, especially for my oldest son who has a chronic medical diagnosis. When the pandemic hit NYC, I became concerned that my job as a home health aide could expose me and, in turn, my medically fragile son to COVID-19. I was forced to choose between my job and the safety of my children. With no steady income, I have to prioritize providing the basics -- food and rent -- for my family. There is no money left for other things. As the winter approaches, my two children need new winter coats, boots, and sweaters. The heat in our apartment often does not work. Having some warm fleece blanks would make a great difference. It would also like to stock up on groceries, as I worry about another wave of the virus in NYC.