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First Christmas as a family

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I am blessed to have a new baby boy that was born healthy in September. It was really scary to be pregnant in New York City, particularly in April and May. I did not leave my apartment because I was really scared for my unborn baby since we didn’t know what effects COVID had on pregnancies. I wasn’t able to see my doctor in person and had to adjust to telehealth visits. My husband is a freelance graphic designer. With the onset of COVID, his work for his clients went away. His work has started to return but at 20% of previous levels. We have been very worried for our new son and how we will provide for him as the pandemic lingers. I am trying to stretch every penny so I leave diapers on as long as possible and wrap him in several layers instead of buying a stroller footmuff. But I am worried as the weather in New York City gets colder. I don’t need anything luxurious. I would just like to have some extra diapers for my son and a few extra dollars to create a special meal for our first Christmas as a family. I am breastfeeding and trying so hard to eat healthy. Thank you for considering.