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Holiday Hands

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Headphones for remote learning

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
Quarantine has been hard for so many families. While our family was prepared to spend a great deal of time indoors, we discovered there was lead paint in our home. In order for the management to get rid of the lead, we have to be relocated to another apartment. We worry about the safety of our kids but also about another disruption to their lives. While I was furloughed, I used my savings to keep us afloat. In the spirit of the holidays, can you help my family with groceries, especially as thanksgiving approaches? I want to keep some sense of normal and tradition for my kids with a turkey dinner. My 7 year old wants to be an astronaut. When we are able to move back home, I would love to decorate his room with stars on the ceiling and to buy him headphones for remote learning. For my 1 year old, a pack-and-play would be helpful as we have to temporarily move.