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Holiday Hands

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Keeping my mother’s memory alive

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
My greatest source of strength and support has always been my mother. Though my mother lived in South America, I communicated with her often via phone and she would visit for the holidays. When my mother became ill with COVID-19, I prayed for her recovery and for the opportunity to see her again some day. When she passed away from COVID I was devastated. This great loss came on the heels of both my husband and I losing our jobs. I worry about how my grief is impacting the emotional wellbeing of my 2yo and 7yo daughters. As the holiday approaches, I want to keep my mother’s memory alive by cooking and baking my mother’s traditional holiday dishes. Please help me provide a holiday meal for my family for Christmas and purchase a doll house that my mother had promised my daughters before she died.