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Holiday Hands

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Lakota Grandparents are leaders in their community.

One Spirit | Manderson, SD
This wonderful couple who have been together for "many moons" are a blessing to their community. They raised all of their biological children and now take the responsibility of raising their grandchildren (one is a teenager who is down syndrome). They are active in every community event and also host their own events. Some of the events are horse racing and breaking horses. The event they are known most for is called, "The Bigfoot Riders". It coincides with the Wounded Knee Massacre that happened in December. It's a horseback riding event that takes days to travel. It's the same path our ancestors once traveled. This couple said, "we'd love something fancy this year. We'd love a ninja air fryer of some sort". She and her husband want to thank you for reaching out and thinking of not only them but also the Lakota Oyate. (oyate is "people" in Lakota Language)