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Learning expressions with dolls

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I don’t have any extra money for toys for Christmas this year. I have 2 children. My oldest daughter is 5 and is autistic. My son is 3. My daughter requires a lot of attention and care. I try my hardest to help her learn but with schools going remote, it was a very tough spring and now it is a tough fall. Each day I try to do my best as a parent but I don’t know if it is good enough. I pray that it is. My daughter wakes up multiple times each night which means that my son also wakes up (we sleep in the same room). Her physical therapist told me that a weighted blanket might help but they are expensive ($50+). When she wakes up it also disturbs the people we share the apartment with, so I am thinking that a noise machine might help everyone sleep better. She also loves to touch anything soft and we are trying to work on identifying expressions. I would like to buy her the Constructive Playthings Expression Dolls to help with that. If she is good, our small family is good.