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Holiday Hands

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Make this holiday special for my son

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
My husband and I came to the US to build a new life for our family. We want our children to live in a place free of violence and to have access to education. Our 10 year old struggled at first but has now learned English and is thriving in school. We are getting ready to welcome our baby daughter in December. Our son is ready to be a big brother. My husband and I had been working in the food service industry and saving to some day open our food truck business. This spring we were both laid off during the NYC shut down. Our savings had to go to cover rent and food. I am grateful to have found some work again, but our dream of our own business will remain on hold. I want to make this holiday special for my son given all the challenges in the world right now. Can you help me get a few gifts for him under our tree? He loves Legos and skating. For my daughter I could use an infant stroller and some baby books. My son can’t wait to read to his sister.