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Holiday Hands

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New stroller for Christmas

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I live in NYC and am a home attendant for the elderly. My husband is a frontline worker. We are fortunate in that we had jobs throughout the pandemic. I realize that is a blessing. We have a 2-year-old son. This Christmas, there isn’t any money left over for expensive presents. I have been knitting a hat as a surprise for my husband and also for the elderly lady that I take care of. I would like to buy my little guy a better stroller. We walk everywhere now because I am scared of the subway and bus because of COVID, but he can’t go very far and our stroller is old. I think he would also be able to walk further if he had winter boots as it gets colder. I would also like to have enough money to buy more yarn to knit hats for my mom, dad, and three brothers. Thank you for thinking of others this holiday season.