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Holiday Hands

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Proud Lakota Kindergarten Teacher who beat cancer!

One Spirit | Kyle, SD
This Woman is a humble woman and she grew up out in the "country" of Kyle, SD. As a Child she and her siblings had to haul water inside of their house to do dishes, clean, and wash up. They also had to use an outhouse in the back yard. She went to college in Kansas and graduated with her BS in Elem. Education in 2006. She has been a kindergartner teacher ever since except one year when she had to put her career on hold in the middle of the school year due to her diagnosis of leukemia. The next two years were tough but with family, prayer, and a good support system she over came that battle. Today she asks for a brand-new dresser or cubby holder. She also loves puppets, sugar skulls, and books to read to her children via zoom.