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Holiday Hands

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Tablet for homeschooling

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
Being a single parent is always challenging, but COVID has made it so much harder. My 2. year old and 9 year old do not really understand what is going on, but they know they miss seeing their friends and family. I lost my job as a child care provider, and my family could not help as they are facing their own economic hardship. There is no money left for things other than the basic necessities. I am sad that I can’t provide my daughter with a tablet or iPad for homeschooling. She uses my phone for remote learning, as that’s where I have internet access. If I could have a holiday wish, it would be to have an iPad for my daughter to go to school and to have a few months of internet covered. Or I wish for some headphones for my daughter, so she can focus on school when using my phone. I would wish for a Christmas tree and a gift for each of my girls and for my 9 year old anything with unicorns. My 2 year old would love a balance bike.