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Ice cream for my two princesses

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I am the proud mother of two princesses. I work as a home health aide, so luckily I have had a job throughout 2020. My girls don’t ask for much, and they are such good girls. My oldest daughter is in first grade, and my youngest daughter is in Headstart. Both of their schools are mostly closed because of COVID. It is hard to be a mom and a teacher too. I know this is the experience of most moms in our country, but it is still hard. My sister helps me watch them so I can work, as there isn’t enough money for childcare. All three of us love to do arts and crafts together. It helps me quiet my mind, and we giggle a lot. I would love to surprise them for Christmas with a new art easel that they could both use. I would also love to buy them painters’ smocks and fun new art supplies -- glitter, paint, chalk for outside, Playdoh, etc. I would be grateful if I had a few extra dollars to be able to take them for an ice cream sundae. It sounds like a funny request, but they would be so excited to be able to sit in the ice cream shop and have their own sundae with whipped cream and a cherry and not have to share for once.