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Holiday Hands

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Tenacious mother of four amazing girls

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I am a tenacious mother of four girls. I am raising my daughters to believe there are no limits to their dreams. I have always found this country to be a country of opportunity and hope which is why I came. Before COVID hit New York City, I had a good job working in construction. It was hard work and certainly a man’s field, but I was proud to be a role model in my determination for my daughters. When COVID hit, most construction stopped and my job has not returned. I went from not saving but being able to provide to worrying about every meal and my ability to buy diapers for my youngest. It has been a hard 9 months and it looks to be a long winter. I would be so appreciative of another mama’s generosity so I could buy some warm winter pajamas for my daughters (with four girls, the hand me downs get used!). I would also like to buy a small present for each of them to brighten their Christmas -- a few dress up costumes (maybe even a little hard hat and safety vest!) and a new Razor scooter as we have to walk everywhere and it would be such a help.