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Holiday Hands

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Turkey for dinner

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I live in New York City. My husband worked in a restaurant and caught COVID in April. He was very sick. Thankfully, he is able to work again but the restaurant only needs him part time at the moment. I pray that his hours will continue to increase. We have a son who will be two in December. I am grateful for our health. However, I am really anxious about the future. I guess we all are. My son is a happy child- always laughing with big cheeks and an even bigger smile. He brings us so much joy. I am worried about how we pay the utility bill and keep the heat on and pay the rent with limited work. I am fortunate to have a group of mothers that work together to help each other- with a listening ear, a helping hand, and prayers. I know we will get through it. I would like to be able to buy my son Magnatiles as I think he would like to build with them. He also needs some warmer clothes for winter. It would be wonderful to have one week where I didn’t have to worry about if we had enough money to buy chicken for dinner but could instead buy a turkey and share it with my fellow mothers that have helped me so much.