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Yankees sweatshirts for Christmas

Nido de Esperanza | New york, NY
I am the mother to two boys who are my pride and joy. My husband has a genetic condition that also affects both of my children. Because of this, their eyesight is very bad, so I have to pay for expensive glasses that my insurance won’t cover. Remote school has been very hard for them, and the computer screens give them both headaches every day. I think their poor eyesight makes the Zoom school that much worse. My husband lost his job as a dishwasher in March when all the restaurants in New York City were forced to close. Some days I am not sure how we will all eat, but somehow God provides. We can’t travel to see our families for the holidays, and we don’t have extra money to buy a Christmas tree and are struggling to keep bills current. Even though I am usually very responsible with our finances, I think a small Christmas tree would take priority over the cell phone bill for this month because it would bring some needed joy. My boys are big Yankees fans. I think they would be so excited if Santa brought them a Yankees sweatshirt for Christmas. I think they would feel a bit more like other children.