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Our Claudia

After an active life serving others as a fire fighter, EMT, paramedic, nurse, and flight medic Claudia found herself without a vehicle. In 2005, this single mama with three children, all of whom have Fragile X syndrome, was diagnosed with ALS,  also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.  Her health slowly deteriorated to the point where she required a wheel-chair at all times and could no longer accompany her youngest son to his many activities and appointments. Let alone her own.

Enter the Monkees.  In May 2012, the Monkees came together to buy Claudia a fully-loaded, handicapped-accessible van to accommodate her needs as well as those of her son.

You can read about the VAN-TASTIC MOTHER’S DAY FLASH MOB here.  And the Monkee’s amazing response here.

Here are some notes from Claudia in response to your love outpouring for her and her family:

To say that this will change our lives is an understatement. Thank you ALL for all you’ve done and praises to the God of Heaven and Earth for orchestrating this nothing-short-of-a-miracle event!  Thanks so much to everyone. MSMD = AMAZING!!!

We had our first, wonderful, fantabulous outing to the airport. We have been to CVS (my first trip in years….it’s the small things) and out for Moe’s Southwest Grill and ice cream with my daughter. We also went to a local aerobatic demonstration.  We were given tickets to the Indianapolis Air Show and I have a doctor’s appointment (the first in 3 years).

You really can’t know how much it means to me to no longer have to just sit and wave goodbye while someone else goes to Christopher’s many appointments and activities.

I HAVE A LIFE again, thanks to the Monkees!

We thank God every time we are able to go somewhere in the van. You will never know what a gift you all have given us.