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5,000 more life-saving, emergency food baskets for families in Yemen

Photo courtesy of Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation

What follows is the story of how you, through an additional $250,000 investment, are delivering 5,000 more life-saving, emergency food baskets to families in Yemen.

Facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, families and children in Yemen are fighting to survive impossible conditions, including a grave lack of access to the most basic of human rights: food.

The latest available data is catastrophic, estimating that nineteen million are food insecure, with 3.5 million who are pregnant or nursing or children under five experiencing acute malnutrition.

Funding for aid is hundreds of millions below what is needed, with experts warning the number of people experiencing famine-like conditions will more than quintuple from 31,000 to 161,000 by June.

After almost eight years of war, Yemen depends almost entirely on imported food, the price of which has skyrocketed amidst the attacks on Ukraine.

Last January, you delivered $240,000 of crucial funding that enabled our partner on the ground, Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (YRRF), to distribute three months of emergency food baskets.

Because of you, 6,050 families received food baskets filled with critical essentials such as flour, oil, rice, sugar, beans, and lentils.

Together, we are continuing to stand with these families.

We have invested an additional $250,000 to deliver 5,000 more emergency food baskets to the most vulnerable families and children. Each basket will feed a family of six for an entire month. That’s at least 5,000 more parents and caregivers who can feed their babies—because of you.

Led by a Yemeni woman, Dr. Aisha Jumaan, YRRF is deeply embedded and uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. They are on the ground right now distributing food in areas “where no other organizations are providing support or are not able to cope with large numbers of those in need.” They expect the majority of their distributions to feed women-led households.

We remain committed to showing up—after the news cycle has moved on—to bolster the vital work of leaders on the ground like Aisha.

When so many look away, or move on, you refuse to.

Thank you.