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Colorado fires update

“Nothing will ever be the same ” is what Jennifer, a single mom to four-year-old son, Jay, wrote to describe what the Marshall fire took from her and her family. Jennifer, her son, her brother, and her parents had all been living together. While she remains indescribably grateful that none of them were physically hurt,…


Colorado Fires

The most destructive fires in Colorado’s history have burned hundreds of homes to the ground. Families have lost everything. Tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate within minutes as 110 MPH winds and extremely dry conditions fueled the fires’ spread across thousands of acres, completely destroying families’ homes, including an entire 350-home subdivision.…


Shelter and life-sustaining supplies for families in the Philippines after Super Typhoon Rai

Last week, Super Typhoon Rai, also known as Odette, absolutely devastated the Philippines. More than 660,000 people—hundreds of thousands of families—remain displaced from their homes. An estimated 159,000 homes sustained damage, of which more than 60,000 were completely decimated. Beyond shelter, families are without power, food, water, and other vital necessities. At least 375 people…


Free and confidential therapy for frontline healthcare workers

For almost two years, frontline healthcare workers have endured relentless trauma that has impacted their mental health in devastating ways. What they have been through has been indescribably difficult and extraordinarily heavy. Yet so many of them are shouldering that weight alone. In a survey from Mental Health America, 86% of healthcare providers—more than 8…


Therapy for 322 essential workers

The onslaught of collective trauma we’ve experienced these last twenty months has been absolutely catastrophic for our mental health, especially for essential workers. When others could stay home, they could not. They continued to show up—risking every day potentially exposing themselves or their loved ones to COVID—to teach, to deliver, to harvest, to nurse, to…