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$50,000 for Holler Health Justice

Safe, accessible abortion and reproductive justice for all—that’s what we continue to stand for and invest in. Our most recent grant was entrusted to Holler Health Justice, our queer and Black-led partner making abortion care safer and more accessible for the most marginalized communities in Appalachia.

Artwork with permission from Liberal Jane Illustration

At Together Rising, we strive to invest in leaders doing phenomenal work to advance social justice in their communities—and there’s no better recent example than Holler Health Justice. HHJ is helmed by three Co-Directors—Chela, Peshka, and Caitlin—whose leadership is invaluably enriched by their own lived experiences of abortion, sexual assault, and financial barriers to obtaining access.

Based in West Virginia, HHJ focuses on increasing access for those most marginalized, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, low-income, and rural communities who are disproportionately devastated by restrictions and bans on abortion care.

By investing in Holler Health Justice, you are helping women and people in need:

  • Afford and access transportation to go out of state for abortion care, including flights and rides
  • Afford and access practical aspects of abortion care, including childcare, translation services, lodging, gas costs, ID obtainment, emotional support resources, and more 
  • Receive emergency contraception quickly
  • Have a place to turn in this terrifying, changing landscape—a hotline that provides case management and the best options for care tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances
  • And so much more

Safe, accessible abortion care and reproductive justice for all. That’s what we will continue to fight for, because as Liberal Jane Illustration illustrated so beautifully:

“Attacks on abortion anywhere threaten our rights everywhere.”

Since May, we have raised and invested a total of $1,077,842.42 to increase safe abortion access and fight for reproductive justice. Please consider joining us by donating $10, $20 or whatever you can at the link in our bio or Every penny received will go directly to increasing abortion access and fighting for reproductive justice through our boots-on-the-ground partners.

Artwork with permission from Liberal Jane Illustration