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Abby, Kim, and Robbie

Meet 19 year old Abby. Due to a number of chronic health conditions, Abby has spent over 300 days in three hospitals over the past three years. Abby relies on a motorized wheelchair to get around since she was assessed as being a fall risk. She has not eaten solid food or drank water in over two years and receives all of her nutrition and hydration via a central line to her heart. Additionally, Abby struggles with severe OCD and anxiety, especially in public situations. 

Meet Abby’s mobility service dog, Robbie. Robbie is the bright spot in her challenging health situation. Robbie makes outings less intimidating and gives Abby confidence to increase her independence. 

Meet Abby’s mom, Kim. Kim is a single parent who has been able to drive Abby and Robbie on outings most days and lift Abby’s 65 pound wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. However, Kim’s job schedule recently changed, which means she is no longer able to assist Abby during the day. 

Abby recently got a new wheelchair that weighs over 200 pounds. Neither she nor her mom can lift it, meaning the independence was gone. The only solution was a costly wheelchair lift.

That’s when Kim reached out to Together Rising for help, sharing “the cost of the lift is very stressful.”

Thanks to you, our Together Rising community, and especially our #TEAMLOVE supporters, we were able to provide the funds to buy a remote control wheelchair lift. This one purchase means that Abby and Robbie have more autonomy and are able to use her new, larger and safer wheelchair.

Thanks for being a literal lift in Abby and Kim’s lives.