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Aileen’s Story – “She could use a little dose of hope.”

The world would be a much better place if we all had friends like Keturah. Keturah wrote to us about her dear friend, Aileen, who was struggling after a recent divorce. Aileen was already working hard to make ends meet when she drove over a piece of metal on the freeway – an unexpected expense that her insurance did not cover. Aileen is the mom of 3 kids and lives in Phoenix – an area with limited public transportation and where temperatures often reach over 100 degrees. 

In her email, Keturah expressed her deep care and concern for her friend, writing “My heart hurts for her, and I wish I could help her more. I decided the least I could do is reach out to this amazing community and see if there is anything that could be done to help her. Honestly, I feel like the most important part of this work is the hope that comes from knowing there are people out there who care. She could use a little dose of that hope.”

Thanks to this Together Rising community, Aileen received a grant to help purchase a car, and this car is just the beginning of change. Aileen recently started a new job which requires home visits plus travel to her new office. This car has made this job a possibility for her. Thank you, Together Rising community, for providing Aileen with that “little dose of that hope.” 

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