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Al Otro Lado

Al Otro Lado (AOL) is one of three incredible organizations Together Rising is honored to amplify as we sunset our organization. Over the years, AOL has become one of our most trusted boots-on-the-ground partners, doing the seemingly impossible as they work to reunify families devastated by cruel separation policies. 

As Together Rising sunsets as an organization, we are proud to invest an additional $750,000 in Al Otro Lado to support their critical work, which brings our total lifetime investment in AOL to $3,916,520.69.  

“The thing that really strikes me especially around our work reunifying families is how long it takes and the perseverance that’s required to make it through that process. Just last week, a family reunified that I met in 2018 the first time I went to Central America. This woman’s case was very difficult, we had to fight for many years to get her reunified with her son. It finally happened. This is really the beginning of their journey because with six years of separation there’s a lot of healing to do for that mother and son. But as long as there are families separated we’re not going to stop our work.

– Erika Pinheiro, Executive Director, Al Otro Lado

Al Otro Lado is a binational nonprofit providing legal and humanitarian aid on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. They work to reunify families separated under policies of both the Trump and Biden administrations.

This crisis needs champions for the long haul, and the tenacity and endurance of organizations like AOL continue to provide hope and lasting impact for those they serve. While they fight for families to be reunified and for the ability to legally claim asylum, AOL also advocates for policy changes preventing family separations from ever being able to occur again. 

Together Rising has existed to be a bridge between this community and boots-on-the-ground organizations doing relentless, world-healing work every day.  Today, we invite you to step over this bridge to connect directly with AOL.  Follow them, invest in them, and cheer them on!