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Amelia is rising after overwhelming heartbreak. And you helped make it happen.

Amelia blog

With ten years of nursing experience, Amelia* supported hundreds of fellow mamas as they welcomed their babies into the world. Her dream was to become a midwife. 


A few months after she enrolled in graduate school to pursue midwifery, her husband died by suicide. He was a veteran who lived with PTSD. Overnight, she became a single mama to their sweet children. 


Losing a husband and father was immeasurably heartbreaking for the family. It also put them in a precarious financial situation, struggling to afford rent and food. With her little ones depending on her alone, her goal of being a midwife became more than a dream -- it became a path to financial stability. 


We know that as Glennon Doyle says, “After the pain comes the rising.” 


When we heard Amelia’s story, we knew you’d want to stand with her.  So you, through Together Rising, sent her financial assistance to  support her in reaching her goal. She’s taking classes part-time and is on track to complete her degree next year. Amelia is rising -- toward a more financially stable future for family and toward helping other mamas and their babies -- and you helped make it happen. 


Thank you for standing with Together Rising and this survivor mama to turn overwhelming heartbreak into meaningful action. Let’s keep doing this forever, together.  


*name has been changed to protect her anonymity