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An Important Announcement from Together Rising

After 12 beautiful years of turning heartbreak into action — and supporting families, individuals and organizations with $55,118,582.16 — the Together Rising Board of Directors has unanimously determined it is time to sunset the organization.

This huge decision has been painstakingly made with steady and grateful hearts, knowing, yes, it’s time. Because it is as important to know when to end a beautiful thing as it is to know when to begin a beautiful thing.

And it has been beautiful. Because of your love, trust, and generosity, together we’ve provided 11,713 grants to people who needed a loving hand in moments of crisis. We’ve kept the lights on, kept food on the table, paid the utility bills, provided the tuition, covered the medical bills.

Over time, we became a bridge, not only between you and individuals, but between you and trusted boots-on-the-ground organizations who are leading through some of the most vital work of our lifetime. Together, we have provided critical funding to 298 incredible organizations — providing food for refugees across the world, urgent relief in natural disasters, shelter for queer and unhoused youth, reunification for families torn apart at the border, wraparound support for teen parents in addiction recovery, and on and on and on. 

None of this happens without YOU. We will be forever grateful for how you have shown up for us so we could show up for the world. The sunsetting of Together Rising does not mean the end of heartbreak or the end of action — we will all keep showing up in new and different ways to heal our hearts and heal the world. 

Over the next week, right here, we’re going to reintroduce you to several of these organizations so that you might walk across that bridge one last time and offer some of your time, attention, and investment directly to the organizations we so deeply believe in.   

With love, fury, and relentless hope,

Together Rising