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An update from our partner, DFWROS

Seven months ago, we watched in horror with the rest of the world as the Taliban took Afghanistan, understanding the unimaginable terror and persecution their control would all but guarantee, especially for Afghan women.

Very soon after, we made a commitment to you. We promised we would show up for Afghan families.

Since then, we have raised and deployed $924,000 via 9 grants to support families as they escaped, resettled in the United States, or remained in Afghanistan.

One of those grants was directed to our partner, DFW Refugee Outreach Services, to bolster their vital work of welcoming and resettling refugees in the Dallas Fort Worth region of Texas.

We have an update for you.

Led by an Afghan woman, their team has facilitated several types of classes for families: ESL, driving, kids’ tutoring, and arts and crafts. The classes continue to be in high demand. They are so well attended, in fact, that they’ve reached capacity. The team is even considering moving to a larger facility.

In addition to the classes, their team has provided dozens of families with basic necessities, including clothing, footwear, bedding, and kitchen appliances. They also have a program to fill families’ fridges and pantries every week with fresh food such as bananas, apples, potatoes, spinach, and cauliflower.

We are so proud of what DFWROS has accomplished so far. We are deeply grateful for their partnership and look forward to seeing how they’ll continue to impact the lives of refugee families in extraordinarily meaningful ways this year.

Image description: The photo shows several people at a table outside both distributing and picking up to-go containers of food.