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Arie and her mom

Image description: The photo shows Arie and her mom smiling.

Together Rising steps into gaps for families—like Arie and her mom—whom you helped evacuate from Hurricane Ida’s wreckage this time last year.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ida’s category 4 strength, 150 MPH winds, and relentless rainfall left thousands of families displaced from their homes.

Arie’s family was one of them.

Arie is a pediatric nurse living in New Orleans, Louisiana. When Hurricane Ida hit, she was forced to flee to Florida alongside her mom, who is disabled and needs assistance. Together, they waited out the storm. Yet even after the hurricane passed, Arie and her mom still couldn’t return home. It was unsafe to do so, as the city was without electricity and experiencing extensive water and sewage issues.

Arie had plans to help her mom continue to wait out the first few weeks of recovery at her sister’s house in New Jersey. She just needed someone to step into the gap for the two of them until then.

YOU were that someone.

Through Together Rising, you sent Arie a direct grant to cover the many costs of evacuating, such as lodging, gas, and food. You created comfort in the middle of the chaos of displacement, allowing Arie and her mom to focus on taking care of each other, not on the unexpected expenses that were mounting.

Together Rising is proud to support families such as Arie’s in times of crisis. We are grateful to TEAM LOVE, our collective of monthly givers, who make it possible for us to step into gaps immediately when emergencies strike. YOU make this vital work of stepping into gaps for families possible.

On behalf of Arie, her mom, and all of the families we supported in the communities devastated by Hurricane Ida, THANK YOU!