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Bayanihan Equity Center

Photo courtesy of Bayanihan Equity Center

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, meet five families and individuals—the “A.” family, Maricel, Michael, Josefa, and Demetrio—who are among the dozens of people you’re supporting with a $75,000 investment in our trusted partner, Bayanihan Equity Center (BEC).

BEC is an AAPI-led, boots-on-the-ground organization that supports seniors, disabled adults, and families in San Francisco. 

Their name, Bayanihan, is a Filipino term used to describe the way a community comes together to help each other for the greater public good. BEC embodies the idea of “by us, for us” with community, justice, and equity at the heart of everything they do. 

With more than two decades of experience, BEC is deeply embedded in the communities they serve. Their vital work is comprehensive, meeting urgent needs ranging from access to food to community outreach and education to case management for housing, immigration, and transportation.

BEC’s Supplemental Grocery Program is just one example of the immense impact they’re making in their community. Bolstered by your investment, the SGP serves as a critically needed community resource so the families and individuals pictured here—the “A.” family, Maricel, Michael, Josefa, and Demetrio—and so many others can get the groceries they need. You’re helping parents like Maricel—a mother to six young children—feed their families.

Thank you for supporting this community-centered work through Together Rising.