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Breathing Room – 50 Years of Friendship

Untitled design (66)Janine and Maggie have been friends for 50 years.


At a young age, Janine’s mom and step-dad welcomed Maggie into their family. For Maggie, the child of an alcoholic single mom, Janine’s family has continued to be her second family ever since.


Maggie recently wrote to us. She explained that her “sister by life” friend, Janine, had been trying to get on her feet for some time. As life often does, she had encountered  several setbacks along the way.


Janine has significant learning disabilities which have made it difficult for her to secure a full-time, professional job. She works part-time at Walmart for as many hours as they’ll give her. She struggles to pay her food, car, and housing expenses.


Maggie, desperate to give her friend a little breathing room, asked us for help. She said, “Janine is a kind, generous person who would give you her last dime if you asked. She could really use a break.”


You sent Janine a gift to cover both her next car payment and a month’s rent.  At Together Rising, we believe a little bit of room to breathe and a good friend make a world of difference.


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